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Pharmaceutical Industry

Financial Forecast

Problem: The creation of forecast for future sales and budget takes many resources - four financial analysts and three months.
Solution: Bonex developed a sophisticated forecasting system. The system calculates the historical trends of market share, projects the future trends, and generates reports for the senior management.
Result: Two financial analysts prepared the budget in one month, reducing the labor cost six times.

Database Updates

Problem: The department received database updates as ASCII files from a mainframe computer with delays and inconsistency.
Solution: Bonex developed a fully automated scheduled process to validate, build, and update the departmental databases with 12 million records sales data.
Result: The delay in database updates has reduced from one month to a day, without congesting the company's network and at zero labor cost.

Rebate Model

Problem: During contract negotiation with their clients, the department needed a dynamic presentation of different trends, rebate options, and parameters.
Solution: Bonex developed an intranet application to select multiple parameters and client data; run it against the company forecast; simulate the client future trends and drug usages; and create reports and charts.
Result: The success rate of closed contracts has increased dramatically.