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Shipping Industry

Cargo Tracking

Problem: The Company needed a logistics system to provide immediate and current information about their clients' cargo.
Solution: Bonex developed an Internet cargo-tracking application, allowing searches by container number, booking, bill of lading, etc. The information is presented in two different looks and feels (for the two company's subsidiaries), and in two languages.
Result: The application significantly improved the service level and customers' satisfaction.


Problem: The demurrage/detention penalties were not collected, because the information was spread out and not easily available.
Solution: Bonex developed a server application computing the penalties, which have to be paid for demurrage/detention of the containers worldwide. It uses different tariffs and currencies, and is scheduled to run every night.
Result: The program saves the company about $40 million per year.

Voyage Schedules

Problem: The voyage schedules were prepared using Excel spreadsheets and manual data transfer to static HTML pages for web presentation.
Solution: Bonex developed an Internet/Intranet application for interactive voyage scheduling and automatic publishing on the web. The spreadsheets were replaced with a centralized database to provide uniform corporate view of the scheduled data.
Result: The application eliminated the manual and redundant work, errors, and data inconsistencies, speeding up the scheduling process and achieving substantial savings in labor costs.