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Bonex Data Systemss

Custom Software Development

Payment Terms

Payment Terms

A. Full-time or part-time assignments are paid upfront for the month the work will be performed. 

  • For late payments less than a week, 10% fee will be added to the next billing cycle.
  • For late payments of more than one week, we will switch to the standard hourly rate.

B. Change requests require 100% deposit no matter of its size.

  • After project acceptance, calculated with the standard rate.
  • During development, calculated with the standard rate plus 20% fee.

C. New projects:

  • For projects that cost less than $1,000 we require a 100% deposit.
  • For projects that cost less than $10,000 we require a 50% on project start; 25% on project Beta and 25% on project acceptance.
  • For projects that cost more than $10,000 we require a 35% deposit; 35% on project Beta and 30% on project acceptance.