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Offshore Development


To increase ROI organizations across the globe try to focus on their core competencies and continuously work at improving their products and service offerings. They have realized that they need to be best at what is core to them and at the same time be smart to get the best out of what the world has to offer. Therefore organizations outsource information technology and software development to derive value from the options available to them.

Independent Software Vendors specialize in their respective areas and they have the best available talent with requisite domain expertise in their chosen vertical industries. They are able to attract and retain better technical resources then most non software development organizations.

Their experience in building software applications for other companies in the same industry is a valuable proposition whereby organizations outsourcing don’t have to re-invent the wheel and use the experience and the technology expertise offered by the software development companies. Thus Global software outsourcing (GSO) has evolved as the outsourcing of software development to sub-contractors outside the client organization's home country. The first flickering was seen in the 1970s and 1980s. However, it was during the 1990s that GSO really took off. Worldwide, GSO is expanding rapidly, now involving sub-contractor countries as diverse as Ireland, China, Russia and Chile.

Eastern Europe has become one of the most attractive outsourcing destinations. Eastern Europe-trained IT professionals are well known for their ability to execute demanding and complex projects with excellence. Bulgaria was considered to be the Silicon Valley of the former Soviet Union. Most of the population is fluent in English, French or German. It also has the second highest SAT scores in the world. Now this region grows increasingly popular as resource for strong analysis and algorithmic skills.