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Offshore Development Centers

Our development center is established in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe. It is a dedicated, customized and secure software development facility established for a customer that needs to outsource substantial and continuous software development and maintenance work. Our development centers can be built as physically separate areas within Bonex facilities offshore, or they can be set up as virtual centers with Bonex resources working at customer site onshore.

Regardless of location, structure or functional coverage, the centers offer a unified development environment with a common infrastructure, resource management, processes and quality control. We provide the client with exclusive technical resources on a full-time bases for an extended time period. The customers gain full control over the development process, as well as higher scalability, resource efficiency and significantly lower rates.

Our various work models relieve clients of the burden of recruitment, offshore legal fees, payroll, legal compliance, long-term office leasing, and security. Bonex takes care of every facet of operations under the direction of the client.