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Bonex Data Systemss

Custom Software Development



Solutions Design


Bonex is a global team of highly qualified software professionals. 

We provide:

→ Web Development (PHP, C# .NET, JSP, EJB, (X)HTML, XML)
→ Database Development (MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, MySQL)
→ Application Development (Java, C#, Delphi)
→ Mobile Development (Objective C, Java)
→ Enterprise Applications Hosting (Java, .NET, LAMP)


Database Solutions: Database Design

Bonex incorporates world class expertise in the latest software programming languages, development techniques and advanced database management systems with N-Tier architecture and comprehensive database design.
We specialize in developing end-to-end analytical solutions that optimize the power of data warehousing by selecting, exploring and modeling stored information to respond to the business challenges that are faced every day.




Pharmaceuticals Trend Modeling

Bonex has more than 17 years of experience developing applications for pharmaceutical and other related industries.

Applying statistical methods to market data and forecasting market trends has proven to be highly successful over the years. Our applications are based upon these rigorous forecasting concepts and techniques.