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Blog >  News >  New Java Project for Pharmaceutical Information Management

Blog > New Java Project for Pharmaceutical Information Management


Bonex Inc. is launching a new Java project for pharmaceutical database management and workflow processing.
The client, Armada Healthcare LLC., is a leader in the sphere of group purchasing and contract pricing services supplied to member pharmacies.
The new application will be based on Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and Struts, and will integrate an existing application - also an EJB site for workflow processing, with the database of a desktop (Delphi) application for administration management. The Delphi functionality will be converted to Java and will be fitted into the new design, created especially to provide user friendliness, full screen capabilities and other enhancements.
There will also be brand new functionality that will leverage the efficiency of document processing and information management.
All new features are expected to substantially increase operational efficiency and decrease user intervention in automated processes
The new project will be developed in collaboration with ISS, one of Bonex long term partners.